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About Our Products

Producing 3DModelPartsTM:

3DModelPartsTM products are made from custom-blended acrylic resins, and 3D-printed using our own Virtual Die (TM) technology on modified 3D printers.  

The materials used have been developed and selected for toughness, safety, and the ability to create fine, precise details.  Parts are grown and optically-cured on wafers in arrays or patterns similar to computer chips. Parts are frequently supported from underneath by resin pylons, similar to the sprues or runners used for injection molded plastic kits.  Components are cured, washed, dried, and 100% inspected after formation to assure quality.  Multiple wafers may be used to complete your order, as some parts are provided in multiple quantities or mixed-component sets.

Using 3DModelPartsTM:

Our products are designed to be compatible with  materials and tools commonly used used in the scale modelling.

If your part has any waxy residue remaining after factory cleaning, it may be washed using warm soapy water, isopropyl alcohol, mineral spirits, or paint thinner similar to cast resin parts familiar to most scale modelers.

3DModelPartsTM may be painted while still on the wafer, or after assembly, using enamels or acrylics common to the scale modeling hobby.

3DModelPartsTM should be removed from the wafers and the supports using side-cutters or a sharp hobby knife.

3DModelPartsTM can be filed or sanded to remove remaining wafer or support material.  As with all plastics, (and most dusts in general) care should be taken not to inhale or ingest dust residue.

3DModelPartsTM's acrylic resin is less brittle than most cast resin materials common to the hobby, but more so than styrene.  Care should be taken in part removal and handling.  

Our materials have been tested for long-term durability and stability including UV exposure, heat/cold/thermal shock, water exposure, and vibration resistance.  They should provide many years of enjoyment as part of your scale model collection.